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2024 Household Planner

2024 Household Planner

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Get organized in the new year. Use this 2024 Household Planner printable set to get you on track for an organized new year. From keeping track of all your passwords, medications, de-cluttering and organizing your home and much more. 
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What's Inside

Take control of your home and get organized! This set includes:

Password Tracker

Monthly Chores Calendar

De-clutter List

Cleaning Planner

Room-by-Room Cleaning

Family Medical Tracker

911 for Emergency

Important Contacts

Company Information

Medication Tracker

Babysitter Information

School Information


About Stacie

Stacie Vaughan is a mom of two girls, age 24 and 18, and lives in the​ ​beautiful​ ​Ottawa Valley​, Canada. Her blog, Simply Stacie, has been keeping her busy since 2008 and she wouldn't have it any other way! She loves working on recipes and creating content that her readers will enjoy. Besides being a mom, wife and blogger, she is also an amateur photographer​,​ bibliophile, foodie, animal lover, frugalista and ​self-proclaimed ​neat freak.